Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I listen to Online Radio vs FM radio as a Business?

Answer: If your Business Relies on Tourism or Outside Promotion of Business to like other cities in your province or large sales . Trying to get all these FM medias and TV medias on board at the same time for affordable price. With Online Media Radio 1 commercial and 1 Banner of Business will Reach More Eyes and Ears with 65 countries and 182 cities tuned in daily.

Why are your Prices so Low?

Answer: Because we have reduced the Man & Woman Power needed to Operate A Digital Market radio and Having Hosts in Differnt Parts of Canada Allows us to Help More Small and Medium Business get noticed.

What is your goals as a New Digital Media Radio?

Answer: Well I’m glad you asked Because Revolution X Radio inc mission statement has always been, to Support Independent music and Children’s Charity’s. Each and Every Business who joins our Fun station not only will enjoy Great Music and promotion of Business, but also know that their Advertising dollars have been re-invested into Local Music & Charities